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As of this writing, the world of self-employment is advancing at a rapid pace. In 2016, over 15 million people registered as freelancers in the United States alone. With the coronavirus pandemic forcing more businesses to familiarize themselves with remote work operations, that number could increase in the near future.

If you are a professional already working your trade on the Internet, you are already ahead of the pack. If you don’t publish your business profile on all of the leading online business directories, you are missing out on a great opportunity to push yourself even further.

From LinkedIn and Crunchbase At Yelp and EverybodyWiki, there are a variety of business platforms that you should immediately take advantage of in order to continually grow your business. We’ll give a brief introduction to the best of the best business directories so you don’t have to.

Best business directories for entrepreneurs

The Internet is a sprawling labyrinth of websites that are spreading in all directions at once. It may be impossible to make a name for yourself, your products or your brand unless you are constantly seen by people. Online business directories are a reminder of the Webrings of yesteryear, only they serve a much more important function. With consumers smarter than ever, the internet has become the ultimate battleground for brand reputation and stewardship.

Be sure to subscribe to the following business directories to put yourself in a position for success.

1) Crunch base – Crunchbase is an online platform for finding information on public and private companies. One of the most popular branded websites on the internet, setting up your Crunchbase account is as easy as signing up for a free trial. Set up a business profile on a platform that everyone in your industry will use while continually updating it to drive traffic to your business. Crunchbase offers affordable subscription programs to get you started.

Key Benefits: Crunchbase is a giant and popular platform full of opportunities. Your business can be listed right next to the best in the business, ensuring you’re never far in the search engine.

2) EveryoneWiki – Wikipedia is the collection of knowledge that almost all Internet users will rely on at some point in their life. Unfortunately, it is relatively closed to most people. Enter EverybodyWiki, the wiki for, well, everyone. This platform is ideal for creating a foundation to build your brand’s reputation. You can watch this profile that looks like Wikipedia to get an idea of ​​what we mean. Clear information is presented in a concise manner for maximum ease in consumer consumption.

Key Benefits: A sprawling new network with room for growth, get your business listed early to start reaping the benefits. Create a flexible profile for your brand and fill it with key information in an easy-to-sort interface reminiscent of Wikipedia.

3) Yelp – You don’t have to be a self-employed entrepreneur to understand why Yelp is so popular. This platform puts the power back in the hands of the consumer while giving business owners control of their brand. To create a Yelp Profile is simple and it will quickly raise your brand in search results. It would be a good idea to hire a social media manager to respond to all the reviews that end up on your Yelp profile. A communicative company can build an incredible reputation!

Key Benefits: Yelp puts your business where it needs to be to be seen by customers around the world. A top search engine result with Yelp will drive business while building your reputation.

4) LinkedIn – LinkedIn was established in 2004 as a professional networking website. In the years that followed, LinkedIn managed not only to survive, but also to thrive as a resource center for professionals around the world. With over 675 million registered users, you almost need to join the platform to make sure your network is as large as possible.

Key Benefits: LinkedIn is a great place to host a profile for colleagues in your industry. Ideal for generating funding and creating a positive dynamic in business discussions, LinkedIn is more than just a “forgotten” social media platform.

Sign up today and watch your business explode

Listing companies on platforms like the ones listed above is an integral part of the self-employment experience. If you want to go as far and as high as your business will take you, be sure to sign up for the aforementioned platforms while maintaining a professional and present profile.

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