City of Williamsport Telephone Directories Retain Existing Numbers | News, Sports, Jobs

Need to reach the city controller, the city clerk or a judicial officer by phone?

City officials said this week – as City Hall empties due to health and safety concerns following his conviction – there will be no phone changes.

Following the move of City Hall employees to Trade and Transit Centers I and II and other city-owned buildings, Mayor Derek Slaughter’s administration said the directories or phone numbers would remain the same to avoid confusion.

“We keep the same phone numbers and transfer them to the new locations”, said Adam Winder, acting director of public works and general manager of River Valley Transit.

Winder said those who need to contact employees from different departments should see no difference.

Workers are heading to transit buildings and other locations across town due to City Hall conviction over health and safety risks from airborne testing for mold, asbestos and radon.

The city’s telephone directory begins with the general list of departments. The departments include public security (press 1); community and economic development (press 2); human resources (press 3); finance and administration (press 4); public works including leisure and engineering (press 5); mayor (press 6), city clerk (press 7); controller (press 8); treasurer and collector (press 9) and to dial by name (press hash # and 1). The city also has a direct directory of departmental offices.

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