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Office Manager Angela Sciantarelli announces the arrival of the 2019 Corpus Christi Business Directory. Look for the bright blue bag at your doorstep. It contains a trusted post in a whole new format for speed and ease of use.

The Corpus Christi 2019 Business Directory maybe already at your doorstep. Look for the traditional bright blue bag, but don’t throw it away. This year’s book is not your ordinary phone book.

“I’m more excited about this directory than I have been for any directory in the 20 years we’ve been publishing,” said Sales Manager Bob Hotchkin. “It’s fun, it’s innovative, it’s state of the art.”

The changes include the size of the book, which is much easier to handle.

“The new format is less bulky,” Hotchkin said. “It’s easier to store in your desk or kitchen drawer, but still has everything you need for your home or office. “

Another new feature, colored tabs marking each section of the Yellow Pages, makes finding what you need faster and easier than ever before.

Better yet, the book’s advertisers have a vibrant online presence on, where they are grouped by subject closely representing the colored tabs. Interactive ads on the fully mobile site help bring the Corpus Christi Business Directory with you wherever you and your smartphone go.

“Open any browser on your phone to, and you’ll find the same services and professionals listed as in the yellow pages, ”Hotchkin said. “Touch a phone number and you call the business. You can even tap the map and get directions to the business you’re interested in.

Helpful tips and information on each topic can also be found in print and online. The website at updated regularly with new information and the latest developments in the industries represented.

The website allows advertisers to refresh their content throughout the year. It also offers one of the many options for advertisers who missed the deadline for this year’s book.

“We have other ways of pitching your business to potential clients by the 2020 book deadline,” Hotchkin said, citing Corpus Christi Business News and Corpus Living / direct mail as two of the possibilities.

Corpus Christi Business News sends 10,000 copies to area business owners each month. Its website prints new stories daily and sends out an email newsletter to opt-in subscribers every week.

Corpus Christi Living is mailed to 50,000 of the city’s richest zip codes: 25,000 a month and 25,000 different in the second month.

Online advertisements and in newsletters are also available.

“Our advertisers are satisfied with the responses they receive from our posts,” Hotchkin said. “Our business thrives when the businesses of our advertisers grow and we grow. “

Work on next year’s book has already started for those who want to make sure their business or service is included.

“Once you see this year’s book, you’ll want to be in the next one,” Hotchkin said. “The best discounted advertising packages are available before the first of the year. “

The Corpus Christi Business Directory is a publication of Texas Publishing located at 4455 South Padre Island Drive, # 4, Business Commerce Park. Call (361) 991-1306 and ask for Bob!

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