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Google searches show directories of competing companies in Europe


Google appears to be taking further action to please EU regulators fearing to abuse its dominance over search. Search engine To discovered that Google highlights competing directory services like Yelp when you search for businesses in European countries like France and Spain, by placing prominent “search results in” cards above those in Google. Obviously, he hopes this fights off potential criticisms from the EU that it favors its own results in local searches over those of its competitors.

The company appears to have tested it in Germany before rolling it out to a wider audience including the UK.

There is no certainty that this will prevent another antitrust case against Google. Competing directories are clearly visible, but they are ultimately overshadowed by Google’s own information. Also, these can be a bit too familiar. Yelp and others complained about Google’s proposed “rival links” in 2013, and the EU ultimately rejected the concept. It is not very far. Even so, it’s worth noting that Google is trying to preempt a European lawsuit rather than wait for the next antitrust case to implement changes.

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