How to change directory in CMD on Windows 10/11

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Check how to change directory in CMD on Windows 10/11

Many Windows PC users prefer to use the command prompt to control their computers. It is a great utility that makes it easier to use your tasks. This old tool has been part of Windows for a long time and is still available in Windows 11.

The Command Prompt is more powerful than the traditional GUI method because it is faster and offers many tools that are not present in the graphical user interface. There are several methods to access the command prompt on your Windows 11. Go through all the options and choose the ones you plan to use frequently.

How to change directory in CMD with CD command in Windows 10

Open the Windows Command Prompt utility

Before using the command prompt to change directory, you must first enter the command prompt.

You can press Windows + R, type cmd and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open elevated command prompt in Windows 10.

How to use CD command in CMD to change directory

  • Then you can write CD command lines in CMD to change different directory or folder paths.
  • If you want to navigate to a specific directory, you can type cd + full directory path, for example, cd C: Program Files.
  • To open a particular folder, you can type cd + full path of the folder, for example cd C: Program Files office.
  • To go up one level of the directory in which you are currently working, you can type cd ..
  • To check all subdirectories and folders of the current directory, you can type the dir command.
  • To access the root level directory from any directory, you can type cd.
  • To change the current drive, you can first type cd to go to the root directory, then enter the drive letter followed by a colon to enter the destination drive.
  • To change drives and directories at the same time, you can use the CD and / D switches simultaneously, for example, cd / DI: MiniTool Partition Wizard 11.

Steps to change directory in Windows 11 command prompt

The following steps will change the current drive (C 🙂 to another drive (D 🙂 using the Windows 11 command prompt application.

Open the Command Prompt app.

To get started, open the command prompt. To do this, simply click on the Windows / Start icon in the taskbar at the bottom center of the desktop.

Type cmd in Start search.

In the Start Search box, type cmd, and then select the Command Prompt app under Best Search Match.

Run the Command Prompt (CMD) application as an administrator.

In the right pane, click the Run as administrator option and then click Yes in the pop-up message to confirm. In the Command Prompt window, you will see nothing but a black text-based interface with a blinking cursor.

Exit directories to return to the main drive.

The directory or pointer is the directory currently in use. If you want to exit and go back to the main drive, just type cd and then hit Enter on your keyboard. The output should look like this: C:>

Enter New Drive to access it.

To change to another directory like drive D: just type this command line:

D: then press Enter on the keyboard.

the output should look like this: D:>

This means that the current / active directory used is already drive D.

Go back to the previous unit.

To replace it with the C: drive, just type this:

C: then press Enter on the keyboard. The output directory will return to drive C, as follows: C:>

Navigate to a certain folder on another drive.

To change to a specific folder on another drive, just specify the full path or directory. For example, from drive D to C: Windows, just type this command:

cd / d C: Windows then press Enter on the keyboard.

The output directory should be C: Windows>.

Repeat the same steps to switch to another storage drive. If you want to see the files and folders in a certain directory or drive, you will have to use the command called DIR.

Final words: How to change directory in CMD on Windows 10/11

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