Incorrect permissions on Windows search directories in Windows 11

In this article, we are going to talk about some solutions to fix the “Incorrect permissions on Windows search directories“Problem in Windows 11. This error message occurs because of Windows search permission issues. According to affected users, many of their newly installed programs do not appear in Windows search results. This problem caused some users to run the Search and Indexing Troubleshooter.But instead of fixing the problem, the Troubleshooter displayed the following error message on the screen:

Incorrect permissions on Windows search directories

If the same problem occurs on your system, the solutions explained in this article may help you resolve it.

Incorrect permissions on Windows search directories in Windows 11

Try the following fixes to get rid of this problem:

  1. Take possession of the data file.
  2. Run the SFC and DISM scans.
  3. Disable and re-enable the Windows search feature through the command prompt.
  4. Create a new user profile.

Let’s see all of these fixes in detail.

1]Take ownership of the Data folder

Because the error message occurs due to permission issues with Windows Search, supporting the data folder may resolve it. You will find the Data folder at the following path in Windows 11 File Explorer:


Just open File Explorer, copy the above path and paste it into the File Explorer address bar. After that hit enter.

After changing the ownership of the data folder, check if the problem persists. If so, try the next solution.

2]Run SFC and DISM scans

Corruption in system files gives rise to several errors in Windows operating system. This is one of the possible causes of the problem you are currently facing. You can resolve this problem by running SFC and DISM scans. System File Checker (SFC) is an automated tool from Microsoft that scans the system for corrupt or missing system files and fixes them.

If running SFC scan does not resolve the issue, DISM scan may resolve the issue.

3]Disable and re-enable the Windows search function via the command prompt

If the problem persists, disabling and re-enabling Windows Search through the command prompt may resolve it. To do this, follow the steps below:

Click on Windows search and type cmd. Click the Command Prompt app in the search results.

Now copy and paste the following command into the command prompt and hit enter.

dism /Online /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:"SearchEngine-Client-Package"

The above command will disable the Windows search function. Now restart your computer and relaunch the command prompt.

Copy the following command and paste it into the command prompt. After that hit enter.

dism /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:"SearchEngine-Client-Package"

The above command will re-enable the Windows search function. Now check if the problem still persists.

4]Create a new user profile

A corrupted user profile also causes several problems on a system. If the above solutions do not resolve your issue, your user profile may be corrupted.

Create a new user profile and see if that fixes the problem. If creating a new profile works, you can transfer all your files from your old user profile to the new one.

Hope this helps you.

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How do I change permissions on a Windows folder?

You can change the permissions of any file or folder by opening its properties. When you open the properties window, you will see different types of permissions like Full Control, Edit, Read & Execute, Read, Write, etc. You can enable or disable one or more of these permissions for a particular file or folder in Windows 11/10.

How can I fix the folder permissions?

Sometimes in Windows 11/10, you may receive the following message while accessing a particular folder:

You are currently not authorized to access this folder.

Click on continue to access this folder.

When you click on the Carry on button, another pop-up appears on the screen, saying File access Denied. Such types of folder permission issues can be easily resolved by taking ownership of that particular folder.

That’s it.

Incorrect permissions on Windows search directories

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