Ketamine Centered Therapist Directories: Therapist Directory

Ketamine Wellness Centers (KWC), the largest provider of legal ketamine therapy services in the United States, has launched an innovative new directory of therapists designed to help its patients find and connect with healthcare professionals mental health professionals with the expertise to help them process the results of ketamine therapies and incorporate the benefits into their daily lives in a sustainable way.

The Ketamine Wellness Integrative Therapist Directory is available as a free source at Ketamine Wellness Centers, practitioners and mental health therapists can register for free on the network. Meanwhile, patients can use the resource to find mental health professionals in their area who can help them explore the usefulness of ketamine therapies.

Kevin Nicholson, CEO of Ketamine Wellness Centers, said in a press release that this directory of therapists aims to help patients benefit from cognitive therapy following ketamine treatments. “By compiling a comprehensive roster of qualified, like-minded mental health professionals and organizations, KWC continues to focus on a holistic approach to healing patients with a variety of mental health conditions,” Nicholson said.

Image Credit: Ketamine Wellness Centers

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