Smart Queensland renames local directories



Smart Queensland unveiled a new branding for the online search directory Local Search which involved the creation of individual logos for different cities.

The announcement:

Local-Search-Rebrand-Article-Image-9This was a unique case with the recent rebranding from SMART Queensland to the online search directory Local Search (formerly Local Directories).

The principle of the company is that each regional city is unique and offers its own list of specialized services, so when it comes to creating a new logo, you don’t cut the mustard.

Phillippa Netolicky, Creative Director of SMART Queensland, said that for all its virtues, sometimes Google doesn’t quite grasp the distance between Dubbo and Dunedoo.

“Local Search is present on the ground in each of these communities and forges partnerships with the businesses and services to offer a specialized and local directory.

“M she said.

SMART Queensland has illustrated a series of 34 unique local research logos that each reflect the city’s unique characteristics, from the Big Pineapple to the Golden Guitar.

“The logos offer a glimpse of the places and landmarks that make this city great,” she said.

“Each presents three local attractions, a body of water and a typical house of the region.”

The rebranding was recently completed and has been rolled out across a series of canals in regional towns.

Source: Smart Queensland press release


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